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Thursday, July 30, 2009

感恩 • 满足


眼、观赏王力宏 “落叶归根”。


~~ 写于六月某夜
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Run Uncle Run

lim peh ka li kong

lim peh forgot when we went to The Central Shopping Mall for shopping/makan and also forgotten that lim peh had actually filled up a lucky draw form after spending certain amount there.

Last week, I received a phone call from an Organiser, saying that lim peh had been picked as one of the 10 lucky shoppers to participate in the GSS Shopping Spree Contest.

I have to form a group of 3 (anybody will do) and compete with the other 9 groups in the Contest.

Each group will be given S$500 cash and a list of 10 items whereby we have to purchase all 10 items within 30 minutes time-limit.

30 minutes for 10 items = averagely 3 minutes for 1 item. (The Central Shopping Mall has 5 levels from B1 to level 4).

Certain rules were laid for the Contest:-

· All 3 participants in a group must be together to purchase the items in the list – no breaking up in different ways
· All items must be purchased within 30 minutes
· Amount spent must NOT exceed the S$500 given
· Every group will have a Game Assistant attached to ensure that we adhere closely to the rules

The first 3 groups completed in the shortest time and closest spent amount of monies will win more shopping vouchers.

As I have old injury ankle, I knew I can never run fast, thus I summoned my 2 nephews Jia Hao and Jonathan to help me in taking part of the Contest.

When the Contest started, a quick look at the shopping list showed the following items clues:
1) A packet of Japanese Mochi from Basement 1;
2) Something red for the lady as make-up from level 2 or 3;
3) A long-sleeved Shirt for Man;
4) A silver item to match the long-sleeved Shirt;
5) A pair of casual foot-wear;
6) Electronic items which you can use everyday from level 3 or 4;
7) A handbag with a touch of Gold;
8) A funky T-shirt from Level 2 or level 3;
9) Something nice for decoration in the Living Room from level 3 or 4;
10)A cover protector for either the Computer, Camera or the Handphone;

Immediately all 10 groups chiong-ed in all directions.

We wasted quite a fair bit of time searching for item no. (2) and (4). After we completed 8 items, with only items (1) Janpanese mochi and item (6) Electronic item , we had S$330 left. Setting aside $10 for the mochi, we headed straight to Harvey Norman and tried to get something with value closed to $320 and not too bulky cos we needed to run around.

Finally we bought an I-pod for $310 and rushed all the way down from level 4 to B1 to get the mochi.

I lost my 2 nephews completely and when I reached B1, they were nowhere to be seen (yeah, me slow). At last they ran to me and we bought a packet of mochi for $15.90.

After completing all the 10 items, we rushed all the way back to the stage on level 1 to hit the “Gong” only to realize that we were the 6th group to have completed all the 10 items in 26 minutes. The first 2 groups did it in 20 minutes.

2 groups did not make it within 30 minutes but the Organiser let them complete the purchases. (Guess they wanna pleased all participants).

We did not get any extra prizes but we got to keep all the 10 items we purchased. Our total amount spent was S$493.30 but the 1st group spent S$497.00 and they deserved to win the price due to their speed and closest amount of money spent.

After the Contest, most of the participants went to the shops and exchanged the items they grabbed earlier during the “Rush” contest for something they needed more.

lim peh was having legs sore after the Contest but lim peh was happy~~

Thanks to Jia Hao and Jonathan for making the completion of the Contest possible, without the 2 of them, lim peh would most probably could not have made it on time.

See some photographs

lim peh kong wan liao
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

No Time No Mood

lim peh ka li kong

Recently quite a few things to share share but somehow, just let it go and have not been blogging as much.

I remembered my Meleka Trip in February 2009 but I did not blog about it;

I remember my Spain trip (Part 2) which I have also stopped despites having uploaded quite a few photos and written quite a fair bit of the post (all safe-kept as Draft);

I remembered I went to watch Emil's concert but again I let it go;

Last weekend, me and my cha-bo-lang went to watch the Guangzhou Acrobatic Troupe, China Acrobatic Drama "Journey To The West - 西游记" - no blog;

We went to watch Harry Potter yesterday - no blog;

I have planned to post something in my blog and dedicate it to my cha-bo-lang since last month but again I super lazy and let it drag;

I have also planned to write more of my Ghost stories - both in English and 华文

Guess lim peh is becoming lazier and lazier.

Let's see when lim peh have the mood and time to write.

lim peh kong wan liao
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Batam Wedding Ceremony Trip

lim peh ka li kong

Last weekend, me and my cha-bo-lang woAlign Leftke up early early and took a ferry to Batam, Indonesia.

My Malay friend, Nizam, was getting married and had invited us to attend his Wedding Ceremony. How could we not go to attend his Marriage Ceremony when lim peh have known him for 20+ years?

As a matter of fact, he has in fact played a rather important role with me especially the following 2 most unforgettable chapters of my life.

1) He helped to drive me to fetch my cha-bo-lang when I got married in 1994 and attended my Marriage Ceremony during our R.O.M.

2) When my father passed away, he was also the one who helped to drive the “灵精车”. (Note: A “灵精车” is the first car which will lead the hearse from the funeral wake to the cremation/burial centre. There has to be an elderly Old man sitting in the “灵精车”).

Anyway, back to our trip to Batam. When we reached there and passed the Customs smoothly, Nizam had arranged for his Kampung friend, Eddie to pick us up from the Terminal.

After waited for a while, Eddie came in his Taxi and with a cardboard showing my name. We boarded his Taxi and off we went to the Wedding ceremony in the Kampung.

At the entrance of the Kampung, there was this beautiful sign board with the Bridegroom’s and Bride’s names.

After saying hello to Nizam and while waiting for the Ceremony to start, lim peh (well-known 大嘴蚶) started to dig into the food.
The yellow noodle on the right which was to be eaten with curry chicken tasted so nice and lim peh actually had 3 servings.

After filling my stomach, lim peh went around and took some more photos. Finally, after a long wait, Nizam appeared in his beautiful outfit.
I think his pair of golden shoes is darn tok-kong.

Before he had the chance to sit down, we quickly took some photos with him.

The Bridegroom & Bride

After the Ceremony, we checked into the Hotel which was booked and paid by Nizam – Pacific Palace Hotel.

The last time we came to Batam was with a tour package and time given to us at each place was really limited. This time round, we visited Vihara Buddhist Temple again.

The main hall of the TempleWhile we were strolling around the Temple, we discovered that there is a hall on the 3rd level – The “弥勒佛” Hall.

I saw a big poster of 弥勒佛 smiling at me.
Swee bo?

On the way up to 3rd level, we saw a cute painting of 弥勒佛 (cute version). We have made this cute painting our wallpaper of our work stations.

There’s a Vegetarian restaurant located at the Temple and we bought some bao. What amused us most is the special bao they sell which are in the shape of tortoise.
So cute So colourful So nice

When we peeled the bao off the piece of paper, it left a beautiful mark.
After we left the Temple, we went to Nagoya Mall to do some shopping and look see look see around.

At night, we went to Winsor Food Court to have our dinner, together with Eddie, our friendly driver.

We did not sleep well that night in the Hotel as there’s a 24-hour Discotheque just below the Hotel.

Next morning, we walked around the nearby area of the Hotel and ventured into the local Pasar.

After looking back where we walked from, we couldn’t believe we actually walked through the dense crowd.
Walking around aimlessly until almost 11:30 am before we headed back to our Hotel to check out.

We reached Singapore at 3 pm and ended our short Batam trip.

lim peh kong wan liao
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Monday, July 13, 2009

Night Scenery

lim peh ka li kong

One night, when the cool breeze was blowing tenderly onto us (me and my cha-bo-lang), lim peh saw this beautiful scenery.

Immediately, me fished out my mobile phone and took a snap.

How? Swee bo? Guess where?
Don't know who that man in orange shirt, just happened that he was walking by.

lim peh kong wan liao
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Tuesday, July 07, 2009













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Friday, July 03, 2009

Interesting Facts I Didn't Know

lim peh ka li kong

Just to share some interesting and amazing facts:

* A zebra is white with black stripes.

* The cockroach is the fastest animal on 6 legs covering a meter a second.
They not only run fast, they fly too ~~~

* The word "listen" contains the same letters as the word "silent".

* A hippopotamus can run faster than a man.

* 'Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia' is the fear of long words.
'Old Beng' is the fear of 'cha-bo-lang ~~~

* 55 per cent of people yawn within 5 minutes of seeing someone else yawn. Reading about yawning makes most people yawn.

* The opposite sides of a dice cube always add up to seven!

* A cow gives nearly 200,000 glasses of milk in her lifetime.

* Fingernails grow nearly 4 times faster than toenails

* Ants don't sleep.

* Dolphins sleep with one eye open.

lim peh kong wan liao
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