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Friday, February 25, 2011

A Series Of CNY Events

lim peh ka li kong

This year’s Chinese New Year was really meaningful, eventful and wonderful to lim peh.

For a good start, we had our reunion dinner at my mum’s place on the New Year Eve.

Uncle, Sis-in-law, Bro, Mum, Sis, Sis, Niece, Uncle, OB, Aunty
After a happy get together dinner, me and my cha-bo-lang went to DPL to attend the CNY Pujas. Our first time attending such Puja at DPL and we were all so blessed. 
Photo credit : Gaden Shartse Dro-Phen Ling

We left DPL Centre and on our way back, we detoured to 四马路的观音庙. As it was about 2 am, we thought that the crowd should be more or less not so crowded but we were wrong. There were so many people still queuing to go into the temple.

Really People Mountain People Sea


Chinese New Year 不外是拜年,派红包,吃,赌点小钱。

Normally, my CBL will leave some oranges as decoration during CNY. 

The oranges arrangement in 2010

In 2011, they were arranged differently
The 财神爷红包 really nice

We usually have some flowers with us, New Year or no New Year.

There were also some simple decoration.


What better things to do than to invite friends to your place to chat, eat, gamble and the auspicious 鱼生捞-ing?

Some friends came on the 2nd day of CNY and most of them are 博士(赌博的博)

After a few rounds of gambling, we had a good 捞起。

We also invited some bloggers to our house for another 捞起 session on another night.

Bloggers attended were Elydia and Peter, Xorpheus, Momo and Meng; A pity Joshua couldn’t make it.

Elydia and Xorpheus were the 2 early birdies and they had some fish porridge before our 捞起 session started.

2 Happy Early Birds

鱼生 prepared by cha-bo-lang


This year, we have also arranged for some Lama to visit our house and we were so blessed to be able to have some many of them with us.

For the first time, my cha-bo-lang and I went to 佛牙寺 on 正月十五 and 扛经书。The 经书 was heavier than we thought but we managed to complete the session
Photo credit : 佛牙寺

Before we end the whole CNY saga, we joined the Monks of 佛牙寺 in the special ang bao giving to the old folks of China Town, a whole 265 of them, we were told.

lim peh kong wan liao
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011



de Cor's 那儿看到这超级好笑的笑话,笑到我飙泪~~





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Friday, February 11, 2011






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