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Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Little Girl

lim peh ka li kong

I remembered that time hor, my little girl 小白兔 was about 2 and a half years old, she did something very wonderful to lim peh.

I think my mother had given my little girl a little "tea set" as a birthday gift and it was one of my little girl's favourite toys.

That day, my cha-bo-lang was not at home, forgot where she went liao and lim peh was all alone with my little girl.

lim peh was engrossed in the soccer match on TV and then my little girl brought me a little cup of tea, which was just plain water. To be honest, lim peh was happy and gave my little girl lots of praises for the yummy tea she brought me.

After several more cups of tea from my little girl (we all know children will repeat their actions when they received praises from adults for doing certain thing), my cha-bo-lang came home.

I told my cha-bo-lang to wait in the living room with me to watch our little girl serving me with cups of tea.

My cha-bo-lang waited and sure enough, our little girl came down the hall with another cup of tea for me and my cha-bo-lang watched lim peh finish the cup of tea in one mouth.

"How? Cute hor?" lim peh asked my cha-bo-lang.

Then cha-bo-lang said, "Did it ever occur to you that the only place she can reach to get water is the toilet?" lim peh kong wan liao
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Monday, February 22, 2010



在大年初二,十位好朋友来向我拜年,好啦,他们十位里有七八位是来开赌的。这些 “银德奶生哪” 的朋友里还参着一位马来同胞以及一位印度同胞。




我观赏了一场免费的许冠杰演唱会(谢谢Jimmy 的票)。


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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jokes For You

lim peh ka li kong

Share 2 jokes with you before Chinese New Year:


No Eyes, Old Beng and Lao Hero were hired at a construction site.

The foreman pointed out a huge pile of sand and told No Eyes, "You're in charge of sweeping."

To Old Beng he said, "You're in charge of shoveling."

And to Lao Hero, "You're in charge of supplies."

He then said, "Now, I have to leave for a little while. I expect you guys to make a dent in that there pile."

The foreman went away for a couple of hours and when he returned, the pile of sand was untouched. He asked No Eyes, "Why didn't you sweep any of it?"

No Eyes replied, "I have no broom. You said to Lao Hero that he was in a charge of supplies, but he has disappeared and I could not find him nowhere."

Then the foreman turned to Old Beng and said, "And you, I thought I told you to shovel this pile."

Old Beng, "Ayo, you did but lim peh couldn't get myself a shovel! You left Lao Hero in charge of supplies, but I also couldn't find him either."

The foreman was really angry by now and stormed off toward the pile of sand to look for the Lao Hero.

Just then, Lao Hero jumped out from behind the pile of sand and yelled...



Lao Hero was approached by Old Beng at lunch who invited him out for a few beers after work.

Lao Hero said that his wife would never go for it, that she does not allow him to go drinking with the guys after work.

Old Beng then suggested a way to overcome that problem: "When you get home tonight, sneak into the house, slide down under the sheets, gently pull down your wife's panties, and give her oral sex. Women love it, and believe me, she'll never mention that you were out late with the boys."

So Lao Hero agreed to try it, and went out and enjoyed himself. Late that night, he sneaked into the house, slid down under the sheets, gently slid down his wife's panties, and gave her oral sex.

She moaned and groaned with pleasure, but after a little while, he realized he had to take a leak, so he told her he'd be right back, got out of bed and walked down the hall to the bathroom.

When he opened the door and went in, he was very surprised to see his wife sitting on the john.

"How did you get in here?" he asked.

"Shhhhh!!!" she replied, "you'll wake-up my mother!"


lim peh kong wan liao
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Monday, February 08, 2010

Nice Pictures

lim peh ka li kong

Chanced upon these 4 pictures and lim peh find them really swee and nice.


I would love to take a slow walk with my love one here.

The Sky, The Sea, The Sand, The Lonely Man


lim peh kong wan liao
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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Old Songs

lim peh ka li kong

Have not been feeling well and will only be fit to go back to work after 4 days of MC.

Meanwhile, share these few nice oldies with you:

lim peh kong wan liao
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