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Monday, October 24, 2011


lim peh ka li kong


epic fail photos - Things That Are FAILing It~

lim peh kong wan liao
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Monday, October 17, 2011

Full Moon - 都是月亮惹的祸

lim peh ka li kong

Many people love to find excuses whenever something cropped up.

"No lah, not excuses la, just reasons what!"

Ya ya, reasons or excuses, you know best.

Like I always say, "有些人的理由是有些人的借口”。

Me? lim peh also find excuses la like my system buay balance, 内分泌失调 and sometimes long long never release mah.

Lately hor, don't know why leh, whenever there's full moon, lim peh see things also quite different form the usual nights. For examples, things like these:

2 Oranges

2 Flower Pot Base

2 Smooth Pomelos

2 Papayas - Not All Are Round

Howling~~~ like a wolf, (blaming it on the Full Moon). 


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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

一个寂静的角落处 A Quiet Corner




In a straight line we stood by
Tilt our heads and open our eyes
Sexy, pretty body we all pray
Saw an old uncle and ruined our day

You no understand? 有看没懂?Neh mind.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Interesting Picture Captured (15) - KPO

lim peh ka li kong

To most Singaporeans, we all know that KPO means ¨A busybody or nosey parker¨. Lim peh usually read it as K-poh.

Got 1 fine afternoon hor, lim peh went for lunch and saw this interesting new sign:

KPO Building? 西米东东?

It's actually KPO cafe at Killinery Road Post Office.

lim peh kong wan liao
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