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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Should I Laugh Or Should I Cry To Have Such Bo-Liao Owner

lim peh ka li kong

Me received one email from a friend and can't help but laugh until buay tahan. Feel so sorry for the dogs with such bo-liao owners.

To spice things up, me will put in their thoughts, from the views of the poor dogs, of course.

I don't know my owner at all BUT I do know that he watched too much Star Wars and his favourite character must be YODA la, who else?

Talking about your bo-liao owner, at least you have only one head. I have 3 heads okay! He must have kena Harry Porter's poison too deep liao, that's why I am dressed as Fluffy.

@#$%&@ Never see a SuperDog is it? Kns! Red colour underwear somemore!!

What have I done to deserve this!!!! I am a crossed of a dog and a SPIDER!!!!! @_@"""

No, I am not a Reindeer la, look carefully again. I am holding a Rod and look at my head. I am The Monkey God --- 孙悟空!!!

lim peh kong wan liao


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Sunday, October 29, 2006


lim peh ka li kong

On Saturday, me and my cha-bo-lang went to Funan Centre to walk walk see see. we encountered the following incident whereby me find it very amusing.

As we were eating some French Roti and drinking some soup, we heard someone calling out:-

"Excuse me...."

Me stopped drinking the nice soup and looked at the direction of the sound and saw a fat Chinese man probably around the age of early 20s talking to me.

"Excuse me, can you give me $2?"

I looked at him : he had long curly hair, wore a round-neck T-shirt and a 3/4 long pants carrying a nice haversack.

Judging at what I saw, he was not in any form of handicap and he can actually speak English.

Although many a times, me do not mind helping the elderly or handicaps by giving them some money, I did not think that man deserve any money from me at all.

I looked at him and shook my head and continued to drink my soup.

"Excuse me."

I looked at him one more time and he said the same thing again probably thinking that me did not hear what he asked for, "Can you you give me $2?"

I looked at him and once again shook my head.

"I am very hungry..." The man looked at me and pleaded.

I looked at him and shook my head for the thrid time.

The man looked at me and said:"Please...."

I shook my head for the last time and ignored him and continued to drink my soup.

The man seeing that there was no way I was going to give him the $2 he pleaded for, said something and walked away.

That word that came out from his mouth was "Idiot."

We were very shock to hear him sprouting such word and after saying that insulting word, the fat man walked away and approached an Indian couple. Though me could not hear their conversation but the Indian man after hearing what the fat man had to say, pull out his wallet and gave him $2.

After collecting $2 from the Indian man, the fat man approached another 3 men but no money was given to him.

I was thinking to myself : That fat man was really lucky cos if he were to sprout such insulting word to me 10 years ago, me would have insulted him back with the following words "You filthy lazy fatso moron beggar asking for money and insulting people who didn't give in to your begging., @$%#&@....."

If he were to meet me and gave me such insulting word 20 years ago, me will defintely "sayang" his face with my punches. Yeah me bad.

What has become to our current world? Healthy man going around asking for money? There's never free lunch in this society and the most incredible part is throwing insulting words at people refusing to give him money, piangz!

lim peh kong wan liao


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Friday, October 27, 2006

10 Signs You Already Kena Computer Virus

lim peh ka li kong

10 Signs you already kena the Computer Virus, so sad.

1) The first thing you do when you wake up everyday is to log-on to your computer.

2) You buy a digi-cam or a handphone with excellent photo-taking function so that you can snap photos and upload them in your blog.

3) When friends or relatives ask how you have been doing lately, your reply to them is "Go and read my blog la."

4) You feel more comfortable when people address you with your blog nicks. (Old Beng, Lau Hero, No Eyes, Ang Gu Gu, Sibeh Sian, Sunflower, Spinnee, Fireburn, Dandan, Hiao Aunty, MeePok, Xorpheus, etc)

5) You can don´t eat, don´t shit, don´t sleep for one day but can never survive without touching your computer for one day.

6) When you fill up a form, under the "Address" column, you fill in your email address.

7) You are more "Kan-chiong" on your stat counter figures than your bank accounts figures.

8) Ask you to write composition in school, you like want to die; Don´t let you write your blog, you will surely die.

9) You watch TV programmes, Movies and listen to songs all via your computer.

10) You understand a "Stranger" more via his/her blogging than you understand your own siblings.

lim peh kong wan liao

P/s: Before anyone asks me questions, me declare that me got 0/10 for the above 10 signs.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

















2006 后语





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Saturday, October 21, 2006

10 Incidents Which Make You Go @$%#&€@

lim peh ka li kong

10 incidents which will definitely make you go @$%#&€@!!!!

1) Kiasu people crowding at the steamboat buffet table waiting for the new replenishment of prawns.

2) Un-tahanable karaoke singing from neighbours early Sunday morning.

3) The slow "Gu" driving on fast lane just in front of you. All 3 lanes are occupied by 3 "龟" tortoise drivers and there´s no way you can overtake them.

4) Inconsiderate parents taking their wailing babies to the Cinemas, Seminars and Concerts.

5) For once, you feel like cooking Maggie Mee and found there´s no Maggie Mee left, no eggs left at home and after you went all the way out to purchase them, you realised the tank of Gas in your kitchen happened to run dry too.

6) You couldn´t finish memorising all the potential examination questions so you choose/ pick/ tee-kum tee-kum to memorise 7 out of 10 questions and the 3 questions you left out appeared, carrying the most marks, in the entire Paper 2.

7) You bought a car after much consideration and one week after you got your car, the toopid COE dropped and the car-price is now 10K - 15K cheaper.

8) You are almost late for class/ work/ appointment but you couldn´t board the bus cos some inconsiderate idiotic morons standing at the front just refuse to move to the rear of the bus.

9) When you go home after a hard day´s work, you find all 3 lifts are faulty and you stay on the 26th floor.

10) One weekend when your parents were not around and your girlfriend finally agreed to come to your house for some hanky-panky actions, either she knn kena chicken pox or her "大姨妈" aunty came or your parents suddenly came back earlier than the time planned.

lim peh kong wan liao

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

10 Signs Of Old Beng

lim peh ka li kong

If you happened to bump into an old uncle with the following signs, chances that he is Old Beng is rather high.

1) He starts his conversation with "lim peh ka li kong" and ends it with "lim peh kong wan liao".

2) He looks/ sees/ stares at young pretty girl girl with big eyes, stunt look and a small puddle of saliva drooling on the ground. ^_^"""

3) Tag along by a significant view of 12 children.

4) Hyper sensitive to someone's "Roar". @_@***

5) His ear-lobes are much longer than a normal person.

6) Unexplained cold sweat will appear on his forehead whenever his cha-bo-lang stares at him with her 2 big eyes.

7) He starts to stutter whenever he is instigated by his cha-bo-lang.

8) He starts to fart whenever he is kan-chiong.

9) His favourate past time is digging gold. * eeeeek *

10) He has the "Cinderella" syndrome, must reach home by 12 midnight.

lim peh kong wan liao

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006



有时候真的是 “为赋新诗强说愁”。

当学生的时候,也曾投稿于南洋商报、联合早报、学校书刊。当时年少,为自己取了一个不知所谓的笔名 :“雷诚”。

离开学校之后,摇笔杆子的兴趣还是不减,便开始把稿件投去一些娱乐性的周刊:“影视周刊”,“新周刊” 以及 “每周影视”。

随着年龄的增加,心态的转变,把 “雷城” 冠上自己的姓改为 “洪城” ,也用了另一个笔名 “若现”。


直至2005 年,终于 “姣婆守不住寡”,在 Blog 里又开始写一些心情小品。


当时被报章所刊登的其中两篇学生时期写的稿 - 雷城

“影视周刊” 所连载的 “狮城怪谈” - 洪城

1988 年尾为 “影视周刊” 所写的娱乐八卦稿 - 洪城

“影视周刊” 的 “凡夫俗子” 里的散文 – 洪城

“新周刊” 的 “鬼话连篇” – 洪城

“新周刊” 的 “醉入红尘” – 洪城

“每周影视” 的 “我是 QC 注重品质” – 若现

“每周影视” 的心情小品 – 若现

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Monday, October 16, 2006

10 Kinds of Girl Girl Me Scared

lim peh ka li kong

Although me like girl girl very much, there are some types of girl girl me very scared. Whenever me encounter such criteria of girl girl, me will "siam" away far far far....

1) Never like to bathe or rather seldom bathe and although she sprays a lot of perfume, the stench is still able to hit you right at your nose.

2) Bad-mouthed her friends behind their backs but appears to be very friendly and caring in front of them.

3) Act cute type when she is already above 30 reaching 40.

4) Like a toopid Octopus, everytime talks to a guy will address them as "sayang", "darling", "honey" etc, and will definetely have body-contact like touching the hand, shoulder, back etc of the man, bo-chap whether the guys like it or not.

5) All the @#€&%$ vulgarity comes out whenever she opens her mouth, better in-depth of vocab than lim peh.

6) Always thinks all the guys are trying to take advantage on her, just smile to her and she will tell the whole world you are interested in her.

7) Arm-pits never shaved and always raise her 2 arms in the air, not to mention the air pollution released at the same time. (Worse than the haze).

8) Always using her hand to flip her hair even when having makan at the same table together, darn scared ser-ka-ly my plate of rice got her hair and dandruff as additional side-dish.

9) Standing at the entrance of the lift like a statue rooted firmly and will never move her butt and if you accidentally knock her while entering the lift she will "Tsk! Ai-yo!" and stares at you with eye-sights like a pair of daggers.

10) Everything also "My mother says...."

lim peh kong wan liao

P/s: Lim peh will not be in town for a while, just in case the women all get angry with this posting and wanna have a word with me or bash meet me up. =_="""

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Frequently Asked Questions

lim peh ka li kong

Since me started blogging, me is like a sotong - 7 hands 8 legs, grabbing and posting all kinds of issues in my blog. Old Beng´s tales with his 12 children; Daily life with photgraphs; 10 Signs; Cartoons; 狮城怪谈; 散文与心情; Other Bloggers´ interesting links;

Just my answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

Q: What is "lim peh ka li kong" and "lim peh kong wan liao"?
A: "Let me tell you" and "I have finished talking".

Q : Are your stories real?
A : Some real, some not so real and some totally not real.

Q : Your wife really looks like Fiona Xie and you really have 12 children meh?
A : The best jokes are true and the best truths are jokes. 真亦假时假亦真,做人何必太认真?

Q : Why do you want to lie in your postings?
A : Fictitious issues are more interesting and enjoyable but "lie" is too strong a word.

Q : Why do you want to blanco your face in the photographs?
A : Me happy, me like, me shiok what.

Q : Then may as well don´t put your photo la.
A : Then you may as well don´t read lor.

Q : Why don´t you write about politics issues and criticise our current Government which I believe you can write very well?
A : Don´t know anything about politics and please don´t try to teach your father how to f... ok!

Q : Why don´t you add in some spices and use more vulgarity to enhance your postings and make it more humourous and interesting like Rockson´s?
A : Hello? Vulgarity is never my cup of tea, go write your own blog if you so love vulgarity.

Q : Do you delete comments which are left in your blog?
A : Depending on the contents but YES I do delete comments if I find them inappropriate.

Q : Why? Don´t you believe in freedom of speech?
A : Of course, freedom of speech is only for me in my blog but not open to public. You want to have freedom of speech? Go write your own blog.

Q : Would you mind me linking your blog or link some of your postings?
A : Not at all, in fact it is an honour to be linked but hope that I can be notified so that I can thank you.

Q : How can I get in touch with you?
A : Leave comment in my blog or you can email me at

Q : Where do you get the ideas of the 10 signs? Did you copy them from somewhere?
A : 10 signs are solely my own creation and I always acknowledge if I am quoting some ideas.

Q : 你的华文文章多数都注明为 “旧著”,什么意思?
A : 很多年前,当老明还是小明时,曾多次投稿于报章与杂志,当时被刊登的稿就是我现在 upload 为 “旧著”。

Q : 为何总是 “旧著”,没新著吗?
A : 当然有 “新著” 啦,只是想先把 “旧著” upload 完。所写过的 “新著” 就有 “最。。。/对联”、“姨母”、“忆先父”、“福建童谣” 等等。

Q : 你曾拥有过的笔名?
A : 雷城、洪城、若现。

Q : 当时的你有自己的专栏吗?
A : “狮城怪谈”、“鬼话连篇”、“凡夫俗子” 以及 “醉入红尘”。

Q : “狮城怪谈” 里的故事都是真实的吗?
A : 对,都是真实的, 恐怖吗?

Any more questions for me?

lim peh kong wan liao

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Monday, October 09, 2006

Cha-Bo-Lang´s Reply To All

lim peh ka li kong

Me delicated my Birthday Blog to my cha-bo-lang in one of my posting on the 01st October, 2006 and kam siah all who left comments to my cha-bo-lang.

As usual, my cha-bo-lang who is hyper scared of using Computer due to "EMF radiation from computer", she only commented her replies on the 04 Oct 2006 =_="""

Anyway, just to repost all the comments in that blog so that all kind hearted friends who commented can see her replies.

// Quote //


Sunflower said...
Wow, so loving! So touching!
Cha bo lang! Happy birthday to you!
muackies! ^_~
Sunday, October 01, 2006 1:41:12 AM

wendyxz said...
so sweet... =)
happy bdae to her... =)
Sunday, October 01, 2006 1:11:55 PM

阿包 said...
happie birthday cha-bo-lang...=)
Sunday, October 01, 2006 1:34:26 PM

Elydia said...
so nice.... :)Happy Birthday to u.... Happy Birthday to u....
Happy Birthday to uncle beng's cha-bo-lang...
Happy Birthday to u... =)
Sunday, October 01, 2006 1:52:28 PM

蓝月 said...
生日快乐 :)
Sunday, October 01, 2006 3:57:26 PM

ZenEkz said...
Woah! Thats quite Lomantic! Heh!
Sunday, October 01, 2006 4:14:27 PM

Xorpheus said...
WOW! Should have told us yesterday.
At least i can bring a cake along ma.
Happy Birthday to you Missy :)
Sunday, October 01, 2006 4:51:56 PM

noeyesee said...
wonder uncle beng got really sang in this translated version ot not?
happy birthday to you, cha-bo-lang
Sunday, October 01, 2006 5:13:36 PM

Kenny Ng said...
Fuah... ur cha-bo-lang sure very touched n happy now. Happy Birthday to ur cha-bo-lang!
Sunday, October 01, 2006 6:11:52 PM

一隻熊 said...
Sunday, October 01, 2006 9:28:22 PM

old beng said...
一只熊羡慕咧,妒嫉咧,这是最便宜的礼物 .
Sunday, October 01, 2006 9:55:36 PM

~ mama dewi ~ said...
how sweet!!!..'hepi bustday to your cha bo lang!!'
Sunday, October 01, 2006 10:11:26 PM

platformshoes said...
wah so lovey dovey... happy birthday da jie
Sunday, October 01, 2006 10:56:28 PM

yanZzz said...
happy bday ...
Sunday, October 01, 2006 11:58:55 PM

Anonymous said...
Wah, Old Beng. Your sure a lady killer with this entry. Your Cha bor lang is really really blessed. I read already also wan to cry wor - Dicta
Monday, October 02, 2006 12:06:39 AM

old beng said...
Lady killer??? Me???
No la, me just sang the Chinese song in my own version.
Brother brother, you like that say, me in great danger leh.
Hope me tonight can sleep in the bedroom. =_="""
Monday, October 02, 2006 10:59:50 AM

Ang Gu Gu said...
Happy BirthDay To Your Cha-Bo-Lang =p
Use old tricks to make her happy ar? Works or not? Haha, See you so love your cha bo lang..So good one husband...ABIT like me =)

Sure old beng =) I would love to lim kopi with an old bird to learn more about writing 10 signs =p And how to go after girls..haha!
Monday, October 02, 2006 12:59:04 PM

sÞ¡ηηєє said...
ur chabolang also libra!?
Monday, October 02, 2006 3:01:35 PM

Sibeh Sian said...
I would like to say a Happy Belated Birthday and also a Happy Belated Children's Day to your nice nice chabolang :)
Monday, October 02, 2006 11:22:47 PM

char bo lang said...
: ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : )

To All a very big Thank You, I am so very touch !Sorry for this late response but I was kinda berry busy at work recently (actually more becoz i kia si of EMF radiation from computer) hehe : )

sibeh sian
ha ha, feel blessed to be born on this special day - Oct de 1st, i'm a 长 不 大 的 孩 子 !!
enjoy reading your blog, few times tempted to leave comment but cannot leh,me no blogger so no account.....

hey spinnee,
yap yap, me a libra too (but a very yim zhim one) : p

ang gu gu
thank you!ya, old beng has been very caring and 体 贴 to me all these years, joy,
i totally agree with anonymous, i am really blessed to have met my ah pui in this life...

ya, u are right, old beng is indeed a “lady killer”, he likes to tackle girl girls with his humourous jokes….. =_="""

yanzz, plaformshoes, mama dewi :
谢 谢, thank u, terimah kasik :)

一 只 熊,< 鸡 皮 疙 瘩 掉 满 地……. >
oh never mind never mind, 我 帮 你 扫 一 扫 就 好 : )

Kenny ng
Kam siah kam siah

Ha ha ah boy, sorry to disappoint u but old beng never sing the translated song, he only hint hint to me to check out his blog…..

Hey Xorpheus
the meal at gathering last week was the last non-vegetarian meal old beng and me had before the end of the day and the next day, we usually take vegetarian meals on 1st & 15th day of lunar calendar and during special occasions like birthday lorh, anyway Thank You for your kind thoughts, I really appreciated it : )

zenekz and 蓝 月
Thank You Thank You !

Wa Elydia ah moi ,
Thanks for de Birthday song, I can’t help thinking of the fact that I am one zodiac generation older than u leh : p

阿 包 and Wendyxz
谢 谢, 谢 谢 !

thank you yah, but hor.... shhhhhh.... tell u a little secret harh, old beng was jealous that I receive your muackies! ^_~ ha ha
Wednesday, October 04, 2006 6:50:59 PM

old beng said...
My cha-bo-lang wrote:
i am really blessed to have met my "AH PUI" in this life...
he likes to tackle girl girls with his humourous jokes…..
old beng was jealous that I receive your muackies! ^_~
ha ha

Me write :
=_=""" ......
Thursday, October 05, 2006 11:43:43 AM

// Unquote //

Thanks to all who have the "heart" to take time and leave your kind wishes and comments to my cha-bo-lang.

Kam siah.

lim peh kong wan liao


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Friday, October 06, 2006

狮城怪谈 (十一)



有人说,在服兵役其间会遇到一些稀奇古怪的事,又有人说,在十个军营里头,至少有九个是 “不清洁” 的;然而,在短短的两年或两年半的绿色生涯里,并不是每个人都会碰到这些事情,如有也是极少数,到底军营是否是。。。就让大家耐心地看以下的怪事吧!






“伟生,现在几点钟了?” 志强打了一个呵欠问道。



“累又能怎样,还不是得照样巡视。” 伟生也点燃了一根烟。“其实已经这么夜了,根本不须要巡视什么,多此一举。”

“哈,你去跟 Officer 说吧,看他怎么答你?”

“管他的,我不巡视,他又能把我怎样?” 伟生虽然嘴硬,却还是无可奈何地继续巡视。

当他们经过一处森林外时,那只狼狗忽然停了脚步,直盯着那一抹漆黑得令人害怕的森林,嘴里传出一阵阵的 “呜。。。呜。。。”声。

“怎么,停住不走了。” 志强扯着狼狗说道。



“志强,没。。。没什么事吧?” 伟生抖着声音问道。

“会有什么事?走吧。” 志强说完便又扯着狼狗向前走。




“Rocky,回来!” 伟生虽然叫着那只狼狗,它却夹住尾巴越跑越远。

“由它去吧,反正没有它更方便,走吧。” 志强说完便又继续向前走。


x x x x x

“喂,志强,走这么快赶去那里?” 伟生一边赶上一边问道。



“进去吧。” 志强对着伟生说道。




“别婆婆妈妈了,进不进来随你便。” 志强说完便推门走了进去。伟生没有办法只好跟着进去。



“站着干什么,歇会吧。” 志强闭着眼睛说。









x x x x x











“喂。你有没有听到什么声音?” 志强问伟生。

“象是有一组队员正在操练步行。” 伟生答道。








x x x x x






全力奔跑了大约有5 分钟之后,二人双双跌坐在草地上吃力的喘息着。

“你。。。你为什么。。。为什么跑这么快?” 伟生上气接不到下气问道。


“没。。没有。” 伟生喘着气说。

“那你为什么也跑?” 志强不惑问道。


“我。。。我见到距离我们大约十公尺外,有一白衣、长发、面色苍白的女人迎面向我们慢慢走来。不知为什么,当时的我心里非常害怕,就奔跑离开。。。” 志强说到一半,忽然双目张至最大,大叫一声,指着伟生的背后,嚷道:“她又来了,快跑呀!”







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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Cartoon 2

lim peh ka li kong

Received some cute cartoons in my email, share share here with you.

Fatso, I must tell you, my chance of winning is much higher than you hor...


John, you really don´t want a glass of milk? Our milk is really very fresh leh...


Damn it! I told you "Hands Up" but didn´t tell you to turn around la...


lim peh kong wan liao


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Monday, October 02, 2006

High Tea Session With Bloggers

lim peh ka li kong

It has been a while since me last met up with some of my blogger friends and we had a bloggers makan seesion on the 30th September, 2006 . We met at Hotel Phoenix Garden Cafe for the weekend high-tea.

Faces appeared for the makan session were Old Beng, Cha-Bo-Lang, Xorpheus, Hiao Aunty, Elydia, Cockroach888 and Kurakat. 7 different and unique characters meeting up for a makan session. Yeah yeah, unique me say one la, my blog me say anything also can :p

The High Tea session was from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

When me and my cha-bo-lang reached the Cafe at 3:30 pm, Xorpheus, Elydia and Cockroach888 were already there.

This was the first time me met Cockroach888, a subdued but friendly guy. He is very different from Old Beng cos me very the noisy type, whole day yak yak yak and Cockroach888 is a man of few words. His knowledge on cars is really "No Horse Run" and I know who to ask for opinion the next time me want to buy a car.

A short while later, Kurakat came. A fine young man with a bright smile. Don't know why leh, me saw him only, me started to tease him and boy, did he not blush at my teasing. Hope he still dares to join our next bloggers meeting session. One thing eh, Kurakat speaks very fast, and although he is very young, there seems to be no generation gap with us.... eh... I mean with me.

While we were all indulged happily in our food, Hiao Aunty finally came. Although most of us had not met Hiao Aunty before, we managed to click very well and chat happily with laughters roared loudly.

We talked about many issues : from bloggers to MRT rides (Xorpheus thanks to your sharing of you experience); Bikes and Cars; Working and Students life; Guessing of ages and jobs; Those interesting topics just came out of our mouths non-stop. Actually I believe it´s the interesting people we have who are able to share interesting topics.

There was a whole table of women next to us but unfortunately me was sitting back facing them, thus no chance to really see those girl girl. Next time must choose a better seat with a better view.

Before we knew it, the time was already 5:40 pm.

As me and my cha-bo-lang had to go to another place, we left Hotel Phoenix after the sumptuous high tea. As I think of the food I had that day, Herbal chicken soup, Shark-fin dumplings, delicious cakes, Mee Siam, Satay, Prata, Chicken wings etc etc my saliva starts to fill up in my mouth again.

Before we go our separate ways, we manage to take 2 photographs. (Don´t @~€%@ me ok, 50% wanted their faces to be blanco-ed. As me always say, want to see us, come join us in our next session).

Standing : Kurakat, Old Beng
Sitting : Hiao Aunty, Cockroach888, Elydia, Xorpheus

While taking the photo, me was thinking why is Old Beng (the elderly) standing and the youngsters all sitting down? Probably they all sensed my displease-ness, immediately after the first photo taken, we swapped places.
Standing : Cockroach888, Hiao Aunty, Xorpheus, Elydia
Sitting : Kurakat, Old Beng

You can see from Kurakat´s face that he must be thinking "Why am I stucked with Uncle Old Beng and not having a chance to stand beside the pretty girl girl?" Ha ha Kurakat, next time be smarter and chope a better place beside the pretty girl girl before uncle grabs you beside him.

Eh, excuse me, where is cha-bo-lang????? Ai-yo, she was the camera-woman la, forgot to capture her in the photo.

Now that I think back, the food was not bad but the companionship was excellence. Me enjoyed the company of the bloggers very much.

Thanks to all who had made the event a happy one though it was quite a short session, I must say. Next round, we shall have a longer session and more photos to be taken (with my face blanco-ed, of course).

You can also read the event from Xorpheus' blog here , Elydia's blog here , Kurakat´s blog here and Hiao Aunty´s blog here

lim peh kong wan liao.


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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Happy Birthday 2006

You asked lim peh love you got how deep
Lim peh love you got how much
Lim peh’s sentiment also real
Lim peh’s love also real
The moon represents lim peh’s heart

You asked lim peh love you got how deep
Lim peh love you got how much
Lim peh’s sentiment never move
Lim peh’s love never change
The moon represents lim peh’s heart

Gently just one kiss
Already moved lim peh’s heart
Deep deep just one sentimental love
Kept lim peh thinking until now

You asked lim peh love you got how deep
Lim peh love you got how much
You go think thought think
You go see look see
The moon represents lim peh’s heart

Lim peh´s special Birthday Song to my cha-bo-lang.

Happy Birthday To You, Cha-Bo-Lang.

Old Beng
01 October 2006

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