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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Quarter Century Ago...

lim peh ka li kong

I always like to show an old old photo of mine and ask my peng-you to try to search for lim peh in that photo.

9 out of 10 will guess wrongly. You don't think so? Try to search la:

Yeah, a bit small hor
If you are thinking why lim peh this photo no blanco my hum-sup face? I tell you la, this photo so small, all the faces also not clear one, no need to blanco lah.

Anyway, no need to strain your eyes la, lim peh give you a clue la. Look at the year of the photo cos lim peh was borned in the 60s.

You want a clearer picture? Ok, this one really looked like lim peh back then in the 80s.

How? Yan dao hor :)
Anyway, lim peh remembered when I was teaching, I was only about 20 years old nia.

The Cyber-world is really tok kong. After 26 years, since I left teaching in 1985, I saw my photographs in the Facebook of the Primary School Group which I was teaching.

From there, lim peh managed to keep in touch with some of my students. They were 8 to 11 years old then and now all in their 30s.

2 of my students met up with lim peh 26 years later. Both were my Primary 2 students then - Pei Fen and Phillip

Look at lim peh's white hair
It's good to catch up with my students and looking at them (now in their 30s) really makes lim peh feel LKK (lao kok kok)

lim peh kong wan liao
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Thursday, August 25, 2011


lim peh ka li kong

The last round we sent the big Grasshopper away to a bigger park, that very night a fat little birdy came to our house.

lim peh was told that this fat little birdy is very small and round and looks like a cute puffy cotton ball and only sleeps in our 芙蓉 tree at night. Want to see this fat little birdy during daytime? 想都不用想。

Hmmm, lim peh must try to take the photograph of this mysterious fat little birdy. NPNT mah. (No picture no talk)

I only have the chance to see this little fat birdy one night when lim peh came home from work.

I tell you ah, this fat little birdy really slept like nobody's business one, lim peh went so near to it, took photo left right up down centre, she also totally bo chap, 照睡不顾。

Sleeping deeply
Fat little birdy with a long sharp beak
From another angle

For the past few nights, this fat little birdy had been sleeping at the exact same spot of the tree, guess she has 认定 this place as her hotel liao.

Sleep la, no problem so long you don't shit all over my place can already. A little shit will help to fertilise the plant anyway, so ok la.

lim peh kong wan liao
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Monday, August 22, 2011


lim peh ka li kong

Not too long ago, an intruder came to our garden. It not only 不请自来,重当正系它自己的王国,丝毫不把我们放在眼里。

Actually, we were ok with its sudden existance, though sometimes looking at it did amaze lim peh a lot: the 2 BIG round "eyes", the long 刺刺 leg etc.

lim peh present to you, the Intruder of our garden: Mr Grasshopper (A full length of at least 10cm long)

Play stunt somemore - hang upside down
I tell you ah, this Grasshopper very choosy one, of all the plants in the garden, it only liked to stay at 3 types of the plants: Mutabilis,Hibiscus and the small Lemon plant. (Think these 3 plants have the best taste leaves)

To be frank, lim peh is ok if you wanna have a change of taste in your meal but at least 自动一点,不要这么衰款, can?

See how this 衰款 grasshopper ate the leaves.

Never finished eating a leaf completely one, here eat a bit, there bite a bit, look at 它的杰作 all the ugly leaves.

Like that 衰款 lim peh still can chin chai la, ugly a little bit also neh mind la BUT what the Mr Grasshopper did next really made lim peh buay tahan, 火都来了!

Look at the following 2 photos:

它奶奶个熊,it ate the young flower buds!

Wah lao eh, like that lim peh cannot tahan anymore liao. Ate leaves until one lobang here, one lobang there I still can close one eye la, ate the flower buds, sorry la, sayonara yo!

With that, the incident of the Intruder in our Garden came to an end. We helped Mr Grasshopper to find a better home with many more trees and plants for it to choose to eat, we sent it to a big park - West Coast Park.

lim peh kong wan liao
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Thursday, August 11, 2011






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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Beautiful Animals

lim peh ka li kong

Saw some of these beautifully taken photos of Animals:

lim peh kong wan liao
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