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Wednesday, September 28, 2011



令伯的一个好友,我们叫他 “色叔叔” 最近传了几篇好好笑的有色卡通漫画,一起分享:


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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fund Raising For The Haemophilia Society of Singapore

lim peh ka li kong

Am helping to raise funds for the following Charitable Organisation in Singapore:

The Haemophilia Society of Singapore

A brief introduction of what Haemophilia is:

Haemophilia is a lifelong bleeding disorder that prevents blood from clotting properly. Unlike a normal person, if a Haemophiliac gets a cut, he will not stop bleeding easily. The main problems face by a Haemophiliac is the bleeding and swelling in joints, especially in the ankles, knees and elbows. He will need to inject himself with Clotting Factors (very expensive drug) to ease the pain and stop the bleedings.

The Society has printed Calendar for 2012 (Sceneries around the World) and selling at $10 per calendar to raise funds. Please help if you can by placing order.

All proceeds will go to The Haemophilia Society of Singapore

We will do delivery (only in Singapore) for orders of 10 calendars and above (You can help by asking your relatives, friends and colleagues to purchase or you can buy more and give them as gift). Purchasing of calendar less than 10 will be mailed to you.

Please email to lim peh at to order.

The sceneries in the calendar were taken by the members of the Society.

Cover of Calendar

January 2012 - Stourhead Garden, England

April 2012 - Templo de Debod, Spain
 lim peh kong wan liao
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Monday, September 05, 2011

Vegetables Jokes

lim pe ka li kong

Saw these super funny Vegetables Jokes on a friend´s Facebook Wall, share share:

Q: Which vege is homosexual?
A: Beansprout – Dao GAY!

Q: Which vege is the stingiest?
A: Kiam Chye

Q: Which vege is worth as much as your monthly income?
A: Celery

Q: Which vege is seldom happy but Extremely holy?
A: Bittergourd

Q: Which vege seller is not simple minded but has a scheming mind?
A: Potato seller bcos he buay gan tan (not simple)

Q: Which vege is worth as much as a diamond?
A: Carrot

Q: Which vege is the fav among SPG?
A: Watercress! Cos Asian 不是她们的菜,they like 西洋菜

Add 2 more:

Q: What did the father tomato say to the baby tomato whilst on a family walk?
A: Ketchup.

Q: What happens when you sit on a grape?
A: It gives a little wine.

lim peh kong wan liao
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