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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


lim peh ka li kong

My friend sent me an email which I find it very interesting:

Move away from your computer screen and you will be able to see clearly.

It says, if a guy first sees 2 people dancing, he is a Gay;

lim peh say it is quite normal but if you were to see a body when you first look at the pictute, then you are confirmed a humpsup 佬.

lim peh kong wan liao
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Friday, July 23, 2010

The Big Walk 2010

lim peh ka li kong

Last Sunday on the 18 July 2010, me and my cha-bo-lang went for The New Paper 2010 Big Walk.

lim peh is too old to run and due to ankles old injuries, I can only walk but cannot run.

The starting point for the Big Walk started from the Singapore Flyer and ended at the Marina Bay, just only 5 km.

We woke up early as the Big Walk started at 7.30 am. We parked our car in Ritz Calton and proceed to Singapore Flyer.

There were about 20,000 participants in the Big Walk and some came with funny and unique costumes.

lim peh only managed to take a photo on this one, a hat of the miniature of the Singapore Flyer by this participant.

After walking for a while, we reached the finish point.

There was this Big Carnival @ Marina Bay and lim peh hiao hiao took some photos.

While going back to Ritz Calton, we walked pass Marina Bay Sand and no, lim peh didn´t go in to try my luck.

Then hor, while walking on the bridge, lim peh saw a Dragon Boat coming towards my direction. My instinct told me to stay put and see the people rolling the Dragon Boat.
And yes, a whole boat of 妹妹。
The Building. While we were walking back to collect our car, there were still many participants in the midst of the journey. (See the whole stretch of Walkers).
Cannot see clearly? Think your 老花 is as bad as mine lah.
While those later comers walking their way, a young participant was strolling back alone in the opposite direction.
On the way, we saw some paintings which were displayed. See the Merlion, cute hor?
Wahahaha, this Merlion darn tok kong, got thorns somemore, just like the Durian building.
If you have not noticed, there´s something rather unique in Singapore. Normally, the grass paths are left alone and after sometimes, people walking on it will leave a "foot path" whereby the respective department will then place some path for people to walk.
Saw this interest ones on the way back. The tiles were laid on the brownish soil path after people walked onto the area.
A closer look showed that the tile was decorated with lots of hearts.
And yes, YOG is everywhere. We can´t really miss it as we were constantly reminded of it.
Here and...

lim peh kong wan liao
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Monday, July 19, 2010

晚报 - 佩祺


我的稿 “佩祺”,刊于7月16日的《晚报》。









“李叔叔。。” 佩祺以很悲哀的语气叫我。







“李叔叔。。呜。。请您好好照顾我的婆婆,可以吗?” 佩祺的泪水象水喉似地流个不停。












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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nuffnang Cheque 2

lim peh ka li kong

Since lim peh started blogging in September 2005, till now I have received my 2nd cheque from Nuffnang for the placing of the advertisement in my blog.

lim peh cashed out my first Nuffnang cheque in 2008 and that was 2 years ago liao leh. Only now, after 2 long years then I received my 2nd cheque, luckily lim peh not depending on this income to survive, if not so "笑" liao.

Eh.... actually hor, with my hit traffic, got advertisement already 偷笑 lah.

Think lim peh must quickly go cash my cheque and use the money to buy some mum mum to eat.

lim peh kong wan liao

* One thing lim peh must say, Nuffnang sent out both my cheques rather fast even though some friends did say that they received their payment very slow *

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Monday, July 05, 2010

Madrid - Spain Trip Part 2 of 2

lim peh ka li kong

..../ continue from part 1

Due to the delayed of our flight from Barcelona to Madrid, we finally reached Madrid Airport at around mid-night.

Lim peh tell you ah, many of the locals in Spain cannot speak and understand English. We almost had to sleep in the Airport cos the Taxi driver could not understand lim peh when I told him to send us to our Hotel in Castilla Road so lim peh showed him my fingers (not my middle fingers lah) and he understood lim peh.

Luckily lim peh smart cos the Hotel was located near the famous 2 slanting buildings

The Icons of the "Slanting Buildings"

Finally we reached the hotel at 1:30 am, @$%&*# lim peh had to shower and lim peh so poor thing hor, must iron my shirt and pants for my meeting in my HQ the next morning.

Kns, lim peh even ironed my trousers until it got burnt.


Walking along the streets of Madrid in the morning from the hotel I was staying to my Office really brought back happy memories.

While lim peh went for meeting and worked in my office everyday, my cha-bo-lang roamed Madrid by herself. Hmmm, like lim peh said in my last post on our last trip, those Spanish guys, all so tall, nose so sharp, face so good looking, don't know whether my cha-bo-lang got harass those pitiful men or not they got harass my cha-bo-lang or not?

One of my Directors bought lim peh lunch at one of the Restaurant at the Real Madrid Stadium, managed to snap 2 photo using my lousy mobile. The food was rather expensive and the food was slightly above average only.


Come to think of it, we actually spent our Valentine Day in the cold Madrid and guess what lim peh bought for my cha-bo-lang?

I did not buy any flowers la cos don't know where to buy them so lim peh brought her to have ice-cream.

Now that lim peh think back, really a little crazy right? Eating 5 ice-creams during Winter time.


If you like to visit pasar malam or like to visit a full clusters of cheap stalls in a confined area, then you must not miss the El Rastro Market which is open every Sunday morning from 7 am to 3 pm.

There are easily hundreds of stalls and one can never finish walking all the stalls in one day.

After walking for couples of hours, lim peh saw a shop selling somethings that look like our Singapore's curry puff or sadine puff. Lim peh took the photo from the outside of the shop, it was not so clear as the window glass reflected some of the light.

lim peh bought 2 of the puffs and it's like eating gold cos it was very expensive. 3 euro for 1 puff which is SGD6.30. Kns, 1 curry puff cost SGD6.30 not gold then what?

lim peh felt that the uncle who sold the puff to me was cheating lim peh cos he knew I was a tourist so lim peh confronted him and wanted to ask for some refund.

I was even prepared to show him lim peh's "Tiger & Eagle" but in the end, lim peh just let him go, sensing that young uncle like lim peh should not give trouble to old uncle like him, me quickly pulled my cha-bo-lang and ran for our dear lives walked away

Since the old uncle had a knife in his hand very sincere smile on his face, lim peh would not press him further for refund la.


After eating the very expensive puffs, we continued to walk around and look see look see and saw this man playing a song using glasses filled with water. Lim peh never know that the sound created is so melodious.


After walking for the whole morning, lim peh started to feel hungry again and we saw this small cafe with a weird sign-board.

The roti we bought tasted quite good and the price was reasonable (Unlike the stupid puffs, so expensive).

One with prawns and the other with sotong.

Actually, lim peh find the Spanish people very funny, even their Sign boards are very cute, share 1 with you


If there´s one thing we don´t like about Spain is the "Bull Fight". lim peh think it´s too cruel and lucky thing was that there´s no bull fight during Winter time.

Me and my cha-bo-lang went to the "Bull Ring" to take some photos

The Bull Ring was built in 1929 and during Winter time when there´s no Bull fights, they will let out the place for some other events like Circus etc.

Inside the Bull ring.

The special cubicle behind me is strictly for the Royal Family only.

Took some pictures of the posters in the Bull Ring musuem.

Think lim peh looked funny with the sword hor?

Before we left the Bull Ring, me saw some interset sculpture outside the Ring.

This is called "拾到牛懒"


One night, we jalan jalan here and there and finally had our dinner in a beautiful restaurant - With Love Restaurant (Asiamerican Fusion).
The decoration in the Restaurant was rather swee with lightings on the floorings down to the basement.
I took a Business card from the Restaurant and it read "New York · Singapore · Tokio · Madrid"

Singapore also has a branch meh? Must visit it when we are back in Singapore so lim peh asked one of the waitresses about the details and she told me there´s no Branch in Singapore at all, they just print the Business Card for fun, Huh!?!?!?


Ok, mai type liao, just post some photos to share share.

Night Scene

Last leaf to leave......... soon

Big backside

lim peh kong wan liao
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